Holidays in KDE Release 4.6

[Doh, numerically challenged, that's 4.6 not 4.5 :-)]

Last blog I promised to cover off Localization, but that's turning into something to rival War and Peace, so to fill in the time here's my update on what's happened in KHolidays for 4.6.

I had planned to add support for holiday categories and different types of holiday observance, so you could choose what types of holiday to display. For example this would allow us to split the secular and religious holidays by category and leave people free to choose which they wanted to display. Unfortunately that wasn't quite finished in time so it's another feature for 4.7 now, but I did manage to add a couple of other useful features.

The first is mostly of interest to coders, the KHoliday api now supports proper holiday durations, so instead of a two day holiday showing up on your calendar as two separate one day events it can be correctly displayed as a single event spanning those two days.

The second is far more visible and useful to our users, a new widget to allow users to select multiple holiday regions to be used/displayed and to configure how they will be used. And here it is:

Holiday Region Selector Full Mode

That's the full widget with all current features enabled. You get a nested list of the various regions, information about what language the holiday file is available in, the description from the the holiday file if available, the ability to choose how to use the holiday region, and a search box to find what you need. The combo allows you to choose between not using a region, using a region for information only, or using a region to determine when your days-off are. Once we get holiday categories these will also be listed under the region to allow separate selection.

That's a rather large widget though, and not every app will need complex choices. Obviously, the widget has different modes to change the combo box to a simple tickbox for binary on/off selection, multi or single row selection, hiding the information and search fields, filtering to only display certain languages, and even a simple display only mode. Here's what a simple mode selector filtered for en_GB only would look like:

Holiday Region Selector in simplified mode

Note that all the info details about language and description are in a tool-tip that pops-up for each region.

If you want to play with the widget, then the easiest way is via the Plasma Clock where I've implemented the ability to select multiple regions to be displayed on the calendar at the same time. Here's how the widget looks in the plasma clock config dialog:

Plasma Calendar Holiday Configuration

And here's what the clock's pop-up looks like with a few different regions enabled for days off or information only:

Plasma Calendar Popup With Multiple Holiday Regions

There's probably quite a bit of polish that can be added, comment away if you have any ideas for improvements.

[Edit:  If you want holidays support added for your country or language, then submit a wish in under kdepimlibs/kholidays providing me with links to the official source for the holiday rules, and if possible an English source (usually Wikipedia), then just be ready and willing to help out with any questions I may have and translations that are needed.]


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L'allemand belge.

German is missing as language in Belgium. (German is more used than wallon. German is also one of the three official languages in Belgium).

Submit one :-)

Well, you're welcome to submit the translations for it. You can find the files at under holidays_be_fr, etc. Just copy-n-paste one of them, change the translations into German, add/remove other holidays as appropriate, and submit the file in under kdepimlibs/kholidays. 

I should have mentioned in the post, that goes for any country or langauge that people want, I'll be adding more countries between now and release day.

This is another step in the

This is another step in the wonderful development of KDE localization. Thank you for the immense amount of work in KDE. Users like me, who come from a non-English speaking country, write in English for work and live in yet another place with different currency, holidays, etc. really appreciate this. And such internationalization of life is only becoming more and more common. :)


I think you mean 4.6 in the title :)

Thanks for your work, how can we add our country/religion holidays (by submitting it) so it can be displayed by KHolidays ?

Waiting for 4.7...


Fixed title and added note at end on how to request new countries.  I can still add files for new countries in 4.6 until about 20 December.

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