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Ana posted a good blog about small KDE3 applications missing in KDE4 which spawned some good comments and suggestions for more apps that we are missing. Rather than let such ideas disappear into the ether I've created a wiki page for Missing Applications to try keep track. So if there's a KDE3 application that you are missing in KDE4, or a Gnome/Mac/Windows app you'd love to see a KDE4 version of then feel free to add it. Please don't just dump a list of random application names though, do a little research first to find out what the status is, what alternatives already exist and what would be the best way to do it.

Note this isn't for missing features in existing KDE4 apps, that's something for Bugzilla, nor is it for floating new ideas you might have, that's for Brainstorm.

Related to this is "Finding The Unloved" which the Community Working Group runs every now and then to find applications and projects that are struggling and need help, or are now unmaintained. I've also created a Finding the Unloved wiki page for keeping informal track of those. The page has separate sections for apps and projects that are requesting help, and for apps and projects the community has expressed concerned about. Please do not add anything in either category without first checking with the project or application involved, and always add a status date for your entry to help keep track of things.


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What is about projects which

What is about projects which are started to port to kde4 but never have been finshed? Something like http://kasablanca.berlios.de/ . To which catogary belong such progs?

Thanks for...

the heads up on that and creating the wiki page. Having such a ground is better than a half yearly call :)

Thanks John!

Thanks John!

Something similar

Unfinished Projects

As Trebor said, there's also the category of which have started to port, but haven't finished.  And the application I want to mention falls in that category, so I'm not sure if I should post it on the wiki.

The application that I sorely miss from KDE3, is Basket.  They have reported to porting the app too KDE4, but as it stands the app is still on Beta 2, and personally I also find it has a lot of bugs.  And even in the KDE3 days, it's progress was glacial. 

I have yet to find an app that fills the same niche as Basket. So, if someone could contribute to the project, and hopefully breath a little life back into it, I would be extremely grateful.  I'm currently learning C++, but I'm still a ways off from contributing to KDE projects.

Anyway, thanks for the wiki, I hope that it will quickly attract the attention it deserves.

In Progress

I've added a category for In Progress ports, but incomplete ports that are struggling probably belong under "Finding the Unloved"

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