Randa Is Special

Randa is a special event in the KDE calendar.

Randa is special as it is a tiny village high in the Swiss Alps with few distractions beyond the stunning scenery. Participants have little else to do than talk, think, hack and sleep.

Randa is special because it lasts an entire week, giving participants the extended time needed for deep thinking and planning for the future of KDE with few outside distractions.

Randa is special as it has been the genesis of many great KDE initiatives, including the conception and planning for KDE Frameworks 5 some 3 years ago.

Most of all though, Randa is special because it is a community event, conceived and organised by a member of the KDE community as his contribution to KDE, funded directly by the community members, and delivering tangible results back to the community.

If you appreciate KDE, then you need to appreciate Randa and support its fundraising effort today.