Urgent fund-raiser for Daniel Nicoletti.

Many of you will know Daniel Nicoletti, aka dantti, a KDE contributor to many projects such as the Print Manager, colord, Apper, PackageKit, etc.  You may also remember a couple of years ago that we dedicated a KDE release to the memory of Daniel's daughter who was killed in a tragic car accident in Argentina.

Daniel was flying yesterday from Brazil to the Czech Republic to attend the Linux Color Management Hackfest on behalf of KDE when he was detained at German immigration on an International Arrest Warrant related to the car accident.  He is now awaiting the German courts to decide whether to extradite him or release him, a process that could happen immediately or take up to 6 months to decide.

Obviously this is a very distressing time for Daniel and his family, and distressing for those of us involved in bringing him to Europe.  Daniels wife desperately needs to go to Munich to help coordinate his defence, and deliver to his lawyer and the German courts all the documentation they have  on the accident to allow the court to rule with full knowledge of what happened, but she cannot afford to do so.  If you would like to assist, she has set up a Pledgie where you can donate towards her flight.  Thank you.