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Travel Plans

A bit late to post this, as I'm already halfway through, but here's my intinerary:

  • Fly Christchurch to San Francisco, Sat 7th April
  • Fly San Francisco to New York, Thurs 12th April
  • Fly New York to Copenhagen, Mon 16th April
  • Fly Copenhagen to London, Sat 21st April
  • Bit of a strange path, but it was cheaper than flying direct, gives me the bigger luggage allowance, and best of all allows me to visit a friend in New York who I haven't seen in 4 years.

    I've some blog posts I've written off line and some photos that I'll post when I have a more reliable connection.

    Leaving Again

    7:01pm Friday 5th January I closed the door on my apartment for the last time after a mad couple of days packing and cleaning. That was when things started to feel real: I really was leaving yet again. Quitting the job wasn't very final, I'm sure if I had turned up at work on the Monday no-one would have batted an eyelid :-) The Christmas/New Years holiday wasn't it either, that's just routine. But shipping my stuff off to storage and closing that door, then there was no turning back. So with the help of Miguel and Kristin I celebrated in style that night, and Saturday morning set off on the road.

    So for those of you who missed it, here's the plan. January I'll be touring around the bits of the North Island I've never seen, mainly Northland and the Coromandel, but also New Plymouth and Gisborne. Then it's back to Wellington for the Rugby 7's and perhaps then a couple of weeks touring parts of the South Island until my UK Work Permit gets finalised. Once the paperwork is in place, it's off to the USA, New York in particular, and hopefully an Archaeology Field School in the Caribbean or Central America depending on dates. Finally it's off to London to look for full-time work there to keep me alive while I start my part-time MA in Archaeology later in the year.

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