One of my main hobbies is tracing my Family Tree and storing it in a computer database. The varied crew who make up my ancestors include a soldier who died at Gallipolli, criminals transported to Australia in the 1830's for stealing coal and clothing, various illegitimate births, at least one centurian complete with telegram from the Queen, gold miners, carpenters, farmers, English stone masons, Scottish shepherds, German vine dressers, Irish publicans, and many, many more.

The two major strands are:

  • On my fathers side, the Layt/Lait family, immigrants from England to Australia.
  • On my mothers side, the Johnston(e) family, immigrants from Scotland to New Zealand.
  • You can look through the database in graphical form at my genealogy website, or you can browse the pages in this section in which I plan to add more detailed stories about the Layt and Johnston(e) families.