In my spare time I sporadically hack on a number of open source software projects that I've started. In these pages, you can find more information about them. Mostly these are just 'Thought Experiments' (i.e. idle pipe dreams never likely to see the light of day), but they give me a chance to mess around with new technology that may come in handy for my day job.

Kalends - A universal date calculator for KDE. This is real, working code that needs just a little more polish before being released.

Kartographer - An interactive 3D educational atlas for KDE. There's code that sort of works, but is very stale now, as the whole 3D graphics maths thing was beyond my abilities as a programmer. Promising alternatives are the KDE Marble widget, OSSIM widget, and QGIS widget which I am considering porting my front-end to use as the backend. Or you could just use Google Earth :-)

KIA - A educational world facts database for KDE based on the CIA World Fact Book and Wikipedia. An idea tied into Kartographer, still just an idea floating around inside my head.

Whakapapa - A Genealogy Research Manager for KDE. This one's stalled in the design phase, waiting for me to get around to it again. I have design docs, an ER diagram, gui prototypes, etc, just waiting for the day I'm ready to give it the attention it deserves.

Graphic - A graphics library module I wrote for an earlier version of Drupal CMS, the software I use to run this website. This was real, working PHP code that I used on the old website, but has since been obsoleted by improvements in Drupal's Image module.