I am an IT professional, specialising in the Huron/Objectstar RAD environment on IBM mainframe systems, but also experienced in COBOL.

My past clients and employers include:

  • The Bank of New Zealand in Wellington, New Zealand, working primarily with their Loan, Deposit, Securities, and Channel Access Control systems.
  • The National Australia Bank in Melbourne, Australia's largest bank, working with their Asset Finance/Leasing systems.
  • The Australian Department of Veterans Affairs in Canberra, working with their Veterans HomeCare Payments systems.
  • IBM Global Services in Sydney, Australia, working on the Premium Rate Billing system and Wireline Preselection systems for Optus Communications.
  • I currently hold a United Kingdom Highly Skilled Migrant Work Permit allowing me to work for any employer in the UK for the next two years.

    If you're interested in hiring me (or just plain nosy), you can download a copy of my CV in PDF format below.

    CV-John-Layt.pdf53.37 KB